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A one-act play is a play that has only one act, as distinct from plays that occur over several acts. One-act plays may consist of one or more scenes. In recent years, the 10-minute play known as "flash drama" has emerged as a popular sub-genre of the one-act play, especially in writing competitions. The origin of the one-act play may be traced to the very beginning of drama: in ancient Greece, Cyclops, a satyr play by Euripides, is an early example. -Source: 

"LOVE AGAIN" Starring... Edward Passmore and Sherifat Mohammed

Jacob and Rachel are childhood friends that have both recently experienced the reality of divorce. ​In the midst of healing they both wonder if they will ever love again.-Written and Directed by SC Murray 2016

"Built to Last" Starring ... Mavro Diamanti, Ashley Beaman, Ashlee Renay  

Marcus leaves an unfruitful relationship with Liya and soon finds his soulmate Brianna. Soon after Liya returns with news that she is pregnant. Now Marcus has to face his past knowing that he might have lost his future with Brianna.  Written by SC Murray 2014...  

"Simplicity" Starring... Tony Hill, Allyson Jones... Riitta Nowiak, Michelle Sewell, Ryan King, and Andrew James Monroe 

When a "loving" mother finds out 24 hours before her only daughter's wedding that she secretly got married behind her back all hell breaks loose.  Written and Directed by SC Murray 2018  

"The Kingdom of Kingston" Starring... Edward Passmore, Sherifat Mohammed, Bridgett Ellington, Ashlee Renay, Kevin Saunders, Ryan King, and Allyson Jones  

A humble servant to a royal family finds out about a deep dark secret that will change life as he knows it forever. Written and Directed by SC Murray 2014